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Meal Planning for Busy Moms
Save time & money and have more ease in the kitchen (and beyond!)
Guide includes a 3-day plan & shopping list
Thais Harris is a board-certified holistic nutritionist and your ally in creating an outstanding life.

She has designed and taught hundreds of classes and has led hundreds of people in their journey to optimal health, through group cleanses, individual and group coaching.

Thais has presented at Re:Mind, SAND Conference, Sonoma Healing Academy, and throughout the US and Europe. Thais served on the faculty at Bauman College as a Nutrition Instructor and as the Nutrition Education Manager at the non-profit Ceres Community Project. 
At her practice, Nourish Together, Thais guides group detox programs, teaches parents how to support their family's health through online courses, and coaches private clients to live their best lives through bioindividual nutrition and lifestyle practices.
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