want a healthier & happier family?
Feed Your Kid(s) for Success!

(in health & in life)
and save time, money and your sanity!

Do you ever...
Worry that your kids aren't eating enough, 
aren't getting the nutrients
they need
or are developing an unhealthy relationship with food?
Feel overwhelmed by confusing nutrition information and yearn for easy-to-digest, research-backed guidance that won't break the bank or leave you feeling powerless?
Wish you could prepare easy, healthy and delicious meals the whole family actually loves and even looks forward to having it again the next day, reducing waste and your time in the kitchen?
This course will help you:
  •  take the right steps to reduce overwhelm and create better health for you and your family
  • ​know the why AND the how to improve your kid's diet and lifestyle
  • ​address picky eating with compassion and creativity
  • ​figure out how to feed your kids vegetables (and have them like it!)
  • recognize behaviors at the table (& beyond) and address them with food
  • give your kids a better chance at preventing chronic illness
  • ​boost your child's immunity, mood and metabolism
  • ​model self care and esteem so your kids develop a friendly relationship with food & their bodies
  • ​make mealtime a more fun, engaging, and connected family ritual
  • ​save money by reducing waste and supporting health naturally 
  • (although I cannot promise you exactly how much you save in medical and dental bills, I can assure you that healthier foods will prevent a wide range of health issues!)

What our mamas say...

Wow! What a difference this course made in my life - and especially my daughters'! Not only did I learn how to support my daughter's mental health with food, I was able to reduce my own stress and anxiety with the supplements and meal plans/recipes 
you gave us. 
My husband thanks you!!!

A. E. - Sonoma, CA

I feel excited to have more fun cooking and sharing food with my child as well as quick and easy ways to add booster foods to support her health. 

M. M. - Great Barrington, MA

Busy life, children, on-the-go, or specific health concerns: nothing stumps Thais... she has many solutions at her fingertips! 
We have learned a lot. 

This is one-of-a-kind! 
B. P. - Santa Rosa, CA

This course inspired me to look more closely at the food we eat and make changes in food choices and habits. I enjoyed the wholistic integration of mindfulness to round out the more science-based units. 
I was able to explain to them what I was learning... This way I wasn't lecturing my family.

J. S. - San Francisco, CA
Benefits of this course
Make meal planning and prep'ing part of
your weekly routine with easy to adopt
and a ton of strategies to
fit any budget and lifestyle
prevent cc's
Chronic conditions (CC's) are on the rise among children. Diet and lifestyle are the most impactful way to prevent and even reverse these conditions. Take action now.
connect the dots
Learn to make choices that improve our relationship with food and our bodies, and set your kids up for making healthy choices in the years to come.
Thais Harris Holistic Nutritionist

Meet Your Guide: "the Momtritionist"

Thais Harris is board-certified by the National Association of Nutrition Professionals and holds a certificate in Nutrition Consulting from Bauman College, in Berkeley, CA. Thais graduated from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, CA, and also attended the University of Southern Santa Catarina (UNISUL).

Thais served on the faculty at Bauman College as a Nutrition Instructor from 2016 to 2020 and as the Nutrition Education Manager at the non-profit Ceres Community Project, in California, from 2013 to 2018.

Thais has designed curriculum for, and taught, hundreds of classes including "Healing Foods Basics," "Lowering Inflammation and Regulating Blood Sugar," "Kids Can Cook," "Nutrition for Healthcare Professionals," and more.

She has lead hundreds of people in their journey to optimal health, through her signature group detox, and through individual and family wellness coaching.

Questions? E-mail info@nourishtogether.com

Course Modules

The Digestion Connection

Learn why improving digestion enhances health and mood and how to go about it.

- Making nutrient dense meals that optimize digestion

- Supplements that bridge the nutritional gap

- Identifying food sensitivities

- How to add vegetables kids actually like

The Immunity Community

Supercharge the body's defenses naturally by befriending your and your child's microbiome.

- How to incorporate fermented foods and why

- Probiotic supplements and when to use them

-Recruiting little helpers in the kitchen

The Reasons 4 Seasons

Understand your child's metabolism and how to optimize it in different seasons.

- Identifying your child's metabolic type and how to optimize it

- Planning meals to make home cooking a breeze

- Budgeting meals: how to source the best food without breaking the bank

The Digestion Connection

Discover how mindfulness can improve health, connection, and body image

- Identifying the heroes and bandits that we consume daily (creating awareness, not just of food, but of habits and thoughts)

- Setting the stage for success: how to create positive change and turn it into habit

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